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Cricket is a popular sport around the world, and as with any popular sport, there are always people who want to place bets on the outcome of games. Betting on cricket can be a fun and exciting way to enjoy the game even more, and there are many different ways to do it.

One of the most important things to understand when it comes to betting on cricket is the concept of odds. Odds are essentially a way to express the likelihood of a particular outcome. For example, if a team is heavily favored to win a match, their odds might be listed as 1.5, while the underdog's odds might be listed as 3.0.

Understanding odds is important because it can help you make more informed decisions when placing bets. For example, if you see that a team has very low odds of winning, you might want to bet on them to win a large payout if they do manage to pull off an upset. On the other hand, if a team has very high odds, you might want to avoid betting on them altogether.

There are many different factors that can affect the odds for a particular cricket match. For example, injuries to key players, changes in weather conditions, and recent form can all have an impact on the outcome of a game, and therefore the odds.

When it comes to betting on cricket, there are many different types of bets you can place. Some of the most common include match winner bets, where you bet on which team will win the match, and total runs bets, where you bet on the total number of runs scored by both teams.

There are also many different types of odds you might encounter when betting on cricket. For example, fractional odds are common in the UK and Europe, while decimal odds are more common in Australia and Asia. Understanding how different types of odds work is important when it comes to placing bets, as it can affect the potential payouts for your bets.

In conclusion, understanding odds is a crucial part of betting on cricket. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or just getting started, taking the time to understand how odds work can help you make more informed decisions and increase your chances of winning big. So the next time you're thinking about placing a bet on a cricket match, make sure you understand the odds first!


On this page you will see the cricket matches being played in the near future. You will also notice some boxes with numbers and the possible outcomes of the match there as well. Here we will explain what they mean:

In the example above you can see the betting odds for the different outcomes in a Test match that were to be played between India and Australia. You can bet on India to win, for the match to be a draw or for Australia to win.

If you bet on India, you can do so at the odds of 1.66. This means that if you bet 1,000 rupees on India to win, you would receive 1,660 rupees if India beats Australia – you get back your wager of 1,000 rupees plus 660 rupees which is your winnings.

So you simply multiply your wager amount with the betting odds to find out how much you will receive after your bet has won.

So all you have to do is multiply how much you wager on your event with the odds (rate) to find out how much you will get if your bet wins.

You can read more about how betting odds work.


Betting on cricket does not only involve the prospect of trying to pick who will win the match or the potential proposition bet, it hinges on a lot more if you have any ambitions of earning money over the long run.

If all your bets are done at just one sportsbook, you are most likely missing out on a lot of value. You see, even though you were able to pick who the winner would be 100% correct on every game getting the highest odds would still matter a great deal. The return would be greater in the short run, and this will be compounded into the future. Getting the right cricket betting odds is more than just half the battle – it is actually closer to the full battle.


To emphasize the importance of getting the highest possible odds on your bets, we will show you an example of two different bettors. Let us say we have bettor A and B. Both are winners, and can pick winning bets at a great rate of lets say 65%. On average, bettor A receives odds of 1.90, while bettor B is doing some line shopping and receives on average betting rates of 2.00. Let's say they are looking to start IPL betting this year and will bet on 60 games during the season. On average, this would leave them both with about 39 winning bets and 21 losers. If they are betting ₹5,000 on each match their results would look something like this:

That is a difference of almost ₹20,000 (!) which you are missing out by simply ignoring to line shop. Now some might cry “alternative cost!” or some other reason, but when this act can so easily be automated or takes so little time, you need to get your act together. If you glean just one tidbit of new understanding from this site, it should be that getting the best possible odds on your bets should be the most important thing you do regarding online sports betting.


I have already mentioned the concept of line shopping, but I will explain what it entails. It simply means the act of looking around at different sportsbooks for the best “price” on your bet (also known as odds or rates). Just like you would usually check out different stores for different prices on a new car you would buy or that new leather jacket. Many will not just buy it at the first and best place, but check out some other stores pricing as well to hopefully save some money. The same is true for betting. When you have a bet you like, you will want to find where the best odds are at all times and you do so by line shopping.

In a perfect world, you would have money deposited at every cricket betting sites online so you always can check for the best odds available at any time you want to place a bet. But sadly we do not live in a perfect world, and many are also probably restricted by limited funds available at times which makes this hard. I would therefore keep funds at a minimum two betting sites, and from there on add on sportsbooks as your bankroll increases or your need for other betting markets changes.


The answer to this question is the age old: it depends. The reason for this boring answer is that it actually is the truth. Good odds usually spawn when the betting sites are making a mistake or are trying to off load some of the big action they have received on another side, so this will happen with different frequency at the various sportsbooks.

However, some betting sites routinely offers better betting rates than others on cricket, like Pinnacle for example, who serves the professional market and welcomes pro bettors with open arms. They do not offer fancy bonuses or promotions, but rather tries to squeeze the lines to the fullest potential, thus making you win more when you are winning your wagers. Having Pinnacle in your arsenal when betting online is important if you want to be able to win long term. Remember though that the market here is ruled by other sharp bettors and thus the lines are very often efficient, so double check your reasons for betting on a line before you go ahead with the bet.